Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Alison O'Bryan and I am a fiber artist who works and lives in Kentucky. This is a blog about my work and day to day life as well as bringing you some artist's work that I am inspired by. As I am inspired by so many wonderful artists, I too, hope to inspire others with this blog.

My work is odd and whimiscal. The world seems to be too normal sometimes and it is so great to step outside of yourself and to experience another world- a world of imgaination and fantasy!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

Happy Halloween EVERYONE!  It's a Wonderful crisp fall day not too hot and not too cold!  Just right for Halloween parties and those scary twisty ghost stories.  Speaking of Halloween parties, I had the wonderful opportunity to make Jack and Sally from the "Nightmare Before Christmas" for a customer with an awesome house decked out for Halloween.  This morning she sent me this link to have a sneak peek into her Halloween life.  Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperJackLover#p/u/0/XTpBbApEils

If you want to see something really awesome then please check this video out! It's awesome.  Here are my characters that I made for her:

"The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas - Made to Order

"The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas - Made to Order

In other news I am going to be showcasing my art dolls (mostly my new Christmas ones) in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday Nov. 13, 2010 at Fern Creek Traditional High School.  There are going to be over 200 vendors and many different arts and crafts that are going to be showcased.  So if you in the neighborhood come and visit!  It is from 9am-4pm Louisville time.  Come find me and say hi!

Since it is Halloween I would like to end this post exploring some of the wonderful Halloween Arts that is out there on the online art market right now!

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" Necklace

Jack Skellington Cemetery Angel Necklace Nightmare Before Christmas

Burning Sky

Burning Sky - harvest gold twilight sky seen through the bare branches of an october night - a thanksgiving Photograph under 15 dollars - a metallic fine art tree print (5x5) 50 percent off sale

The Ghost Sisters

The Twin Ghosts when they were young, Fine art photograph

"Teenage Mutant Niinja Turtles" Crochet Hat

Crochet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hat Custom  6-12m, 18-24m, 2t-3t, 4-6-8, Teen and Adult

Funky Scarf Cowl

Funky Cowl

Skeleton Lady Ring

Skeleton Lady Ring

Leather Wolf Mask

CUSTOM Fantasy Wolf Mask...Handmade Leather Mask Made to Order

RolyPoly Art Doll

PIEFACE Halloween RolyPoly Art Doll

The Giant Chicken!

12/18/24 months Toddler Chicken Halloween Costume Handmade CLEARANCE 50 percent off

Love Never Dies

Love Never Dies

Little Acron

Little Beaded Acorn pin brooch

Percy in Autumn Cheer Bear

Percy in Autumn Cheer, Bear Sewing Mohair kit.

Primitive Folk Art Cat

OOAK Doll, Primitive Folk Art Cat Halloween Poetry Doll

Addams Family

Wednesday Addams Tiny Art Doll

Zombie Cat

Zombify your Pet plush... Custom OOAK stuffed animal for you ECO friendly.

Mummy and Bats

Mummy and Bats

Mumford the Mummy

Mumford the Mummy

Milly Molly

Milly Molly

Happy Halloween EVERYBODY!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some Saturday Morning Art

Good Morning!

When I was a kid Saturday mornings were the only mornings that I enjoyed getting up early.  It was so exciting. I would get up around 6am, flick on the TV and watch cartoons until noon.  I loved Bugs Bunny, The Shoe under the bed, Tweety Bird, Garfield and Friends, Yoogie Bear, Tail Spins, and I can't forget about Super Fudge!  I would watch as in a trace for hours and hours.

As I have gotten older, well, I am proud to say that I still get up early on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons, some things never change!  But in addition to my cartoon watching, I also scavenge the web for new and exciting artwork. I mostly look on Etsy and Ebay because these artist try to put something new on each day, and it is the one art world that seems to be constantly evolving.

So I hope that you enjoy your Saturday Morning Artworks and enjoy the rest of your day!

"The Wing Collector"
  The Wing Collector - 5x5 Inch Print

"Greta and the Circus Bear"
greta the circus bear doll

"Lady the Owl"
Lady the Owl

"Groundhog Hair"
Groundhog Hair - print

Wall Decal
Kids wall decal vinyl art sticker Woodland playground 7 COLORS

"Three People and One Angry Bird"
Three people and one angry bird

Snow White Mac Decal
Snow white decal decor sticker skin for Macbook 13 inch / Pro 13 inch

"I love Dorks"
I Love Dorks Button Pinback Badge 1 inch

"Hug Me Slug"

Name THIS slug, Hug Me Slug, Original Art Toy by Elizabeth Ruffing, Small Sized, Fleece, Denim-colored blue and Magenta, Ready-made

Legend of Zelda Link Hat
Legend of Zelda - Link cosplay cap in Kokiri green ( forest/apple ) - hats by orgXIIIorg

Gothic Gloves

"The Bell Jar"
Bell Jar - Fine Art Print 8x10

"Love Song"
Love Song - 8x10 Art  Print

"Man in the Moon"
New Large Print - 1 Day Half Price SALE --- MAN IN THE MOON --- Signed Art Print  --1/50  Large Limited Edition

"Morning Mist"
ACEO - Original Acrylic Landscape Painting - Morning Mist

"Early Morning Breeze"
Early Morning Breeze print - somerset velvet

Santa Claus
Santa Claus original Folk Art hand made doll - ornament OOAK

ON SALE Limited Edition Giclee Art Print - Resurrection (Geisha Series) by Amalia K

"Over the Rough Spots"
SALE Art print, friends, Over the Rough Spots, Kathannah on Etsy

Tufted Bag

"My Orange Cat"
My Orange Cat

Nursery Mobile
Nursery Mobile  Shoe - pink

Crochet Monkey
Thread crochet monkey doll Nea

"We're Wold Quentin and Ramona"
we're wolf. quentin and ramona, a double wolf.


"I will think as you about it a long timemade"
i will think as you about it a long time-made to order -limited edition

Finnegan OOAK

Winged Pig
Reserved for IMANFORD  When Pigs Fly  OOAK Needle felted Piglet Special Price

"Come Away With Me"
Come Away With Me

Garden Scarf

Plantlike Creatures
Bjurgaleenis, plant-like creature plush dolls

Napoleon Duck
12 inch OOAK Napoleon Duck

"New Lace"
New - Vintage Lace Pink Blurbaby Doll - Lucy Lu -  FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA

Primitive Folk Art Halloween Cloth and Clay Doll  MADAME RAVEN

"A Blast from the Past"
A Blast Of The Past   OOAK polymer and found objects

Happy Saturday Morning!