Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Alison O'Bryan and I am a fiber artist who works and lives in Kentucky. This is a blog about my work and day to day life as well as bringing you some artist's work that I am inspired by. As I am inspired by so many wonderful artists, I too, hope to inspire others with this blog.

My work is odd and whimiscal. The world seems to be too normal sometimes and it is so great to step outside of yourself and to experience another world- a world of imgaination and fantasy!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Work, New Work, New Work

I just get so excited when new ideas are brought into being and I can actually start to see them with my very own eyes.  Right now I am working on some new softies that are called "unusal pets."  And my first unusal pet is a Marmoset Monkey.  Marmosets are the smallest species of monkeys in the world. His name is Meeky Mooky. But this isn't any ordinary monkey because he has special powers.  He can fly with his big ears like a bird.  He also loves peanut butter with his bananas and his idol is Curious George.  He is a mischevious little monkey but he has a big heart! 

I can't wait to start making more unusal pets and seeing what comes out of it!  How exciting.  I have just listed Meeky Mooky on my etsy store at: http://www.alittlecatty.etsy.com/ if you would like to adopt him!


  1. Love your creatures...it is great to step outside of yourself!!

  2. Thanks so much! I also love your stuff. I like to go there and see what new things you have up. And yes stepping outside of yourself is such a great great thing! It's too scary to be in your own mind for very long! :)