Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Alison O'Bryan and I am a fiber artist who works and lives in Kentucky. This is a blog about my work and day to day life as well as bringing you some artist's work that I am inspired by. As I am inspired by so many wonderful artists, I too, hope to inspire others with this blog.

My work is odd and whimiscal. The world seems to be too normal sometimes and it is so great to step outside of yourself and to experience another world- a world of imgaination and fantasy!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today I was really into what I was doing which I always am working on my art but today I felt exceptionally inspired and actually finished my doll in one setting.  It's a first in a very long long long time!  And I thought that I finally got my days and nights straight again! Ahhh!  Oh well who says there should and shouldn't be a certain time to sleep!  I am really tired though so I think tonight I will get straight to the photo.  Here is someone I would like everyone to meet, Lovey Lion.

I know that I say this about all of my creations once they are done, but I think this one is my favorite art dolls so far!  In fact I almost didn't list him at all in my etsy shop but more are to come and I can't keep all of my favorites.  I am still a bit sad though.  Oh well!  Here is to a good good night!

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  1. What was it about yesterday? I too blogged about how I put the finishing touches on 4 different paintings! Was there something in the air???