Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Alison O'Bryan and I am a fiber artist who works and lives in Kentucky. This is a blog about my work and day to day life as well as bringing you some artist's work that I am inspired by. As I am inspired by so many wonderful artists, I too, hope to inspire others with this blog.

My work is odd and whimiscal. The world seems to be too normal sometimes and it is so great to step outside of yourself and to experience another world- a world of imgaination and fantasy!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Wonderful Kind of Crazy!

What a busy month- February!  It's filled with love, loathing, and cheesecake....chocolate cheesecake!!!  Last time I wrote I was going to open a new Catty shop called A Little Catty Knitting but completely changed my mind, which happens quite a bit, and opened instead one called, "The Dwelling-Kingdom of Gnomes and All Creatures."

 I actually had a wonderful dream about a land called The Dwelling and in it were gnomes and other flying creatures that carried carriages through the air and had six foot flowers that bloomed baby gnomes and all kinds of little whimmsey forest animals- it was a certain type of heaven! So that is what has been up lately...a lot of gnomes!!!  Here are some pictures of some:

And there are a lot more loveable fun gnomes and animals at "The Dwelling!"  So come and visit me at etsy!  All of my nights since that first night of dreaming about this magical land have all been about it!  It's so wonderful to go to sleep and have these enchanted dreams and talk to the beings that I know that I am going to create the next day.  It truly is magical living!  Maybe I'm crazy but then again isn't everyone!!!!


  1. Your creatures are awesome! I love their expressions and all the details...beautiful work! Good luck with your new etsy shop!


  2. Thank you so much Matty! That really means a lot to me! I have reconverged my two shops back into one "A Little Catty."

    I think that I was probably overthinking and just needed a new plan on my already existing shop. Thank you for your encouraging words!